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  • A Cats Perspective

    A Cats Perspective

    It’s morning time and once again I must howl and yellTill my human gets out of bed, it’s my daily spellBut all I get is a pat on the head, my needs forgottenDon’t you know it’s been nearly 8 hours, my tummy’s rotten? I weave and bob between his feet, but he does not seeAnd…

  • A Rugged Man

    A Rugged Man

    Oh you know me, I’m a man of naturein plaid shirts and boots, I’m in my element for sureI can light a fire, pitch a tent in no timeAnd navigate the wilderness with ease and shine I’m a rugged man, with a heart full of gritI fear no animal, no matter how big or fitUntil…

  • Modernize


    This poem is part of a series of poems made as part of an exercise where the reader chooses 5 words and writes a poem about them. They than exchange their 5 words with another author who has written 5 other poems, resulting in a total of 20 pieces. Everyone tells me I need to…

  • A Subtle Glance

    A Subtle Glance

    TW: Sexually Assult A younger man than myself may not have given it a second thought, but she had clearly meant to be looking at me, and that look clearly suggested more than just a passing thought. On any other day, I might not have given her the time of day. She was, after all…

  • The Power of Short Stories

    The Power of Short Stories

    Like many aspiring authors, when I think of writing, I usually think about writing a novel and while this is certainly one type of written work, it’s certainly not the only one. One of the most underappreciated forms of writing is the short story.

  • Write What Compels You

    Write What Compels You

    Once upon a time, there was an aspiring author that had a great idea for a novel. They wrote a storyboard, started working on character sketches, and slowly, the story started taking shape. Then one day, they told one of their friends they were in the early stages of writing a book. Their friend was…

  • Want to keep your house clean? Write A Novel!

    Want to keep your house clean? Write A Novel!

    I recently embarked on a rather formidable journey, writing a novel. Having never written anything approaching a novel before, I did what most aspiring authors did, stretched my fingers, opened up Word, and started hammering away at the keyboard. Now, this went alright at first. I put down about 2 pages of writing before I…