Jeff Manning


  • Time


    I have always heard that your most important asset is time.When you’re a child, though, time is all you have.So I would run around and play outside and never have a care in the world.  Then I got older, and everybody told me if you want to get ahead in life you better get a…

  • The Southern Winds

    The Southern Winds

    The winds that come from the south they’re often warmThey often howl with a mighty rawr that fill the room But can come on without so much as to warnThough silent or loud, they can equally lead to doom The cause of the winds is naught discoverable Though studied at length, and studied again we…

  • A Subtle Glance

    A Subtle Glance

    TW: Sexually Assult A younger man than myself may not have given it a second thought, but she had clearly meant to be looking at me, and that look clearly suggested more than just a passing thought. On any other day, I might not have given her the time of day. She was, after all…

  • The Power of Short Stories

    The Power of Short Stories

    Like many aspiring authors, when I think of writing, I usually think about writing a novel and while this is certainly one type of written work, it’s certainly not the only one. One of the most underappreciated forms of writing is the short story.

  • Write What Compels You

    Write What Compels You

    Once upon a time, there was an aspiring author that had a great idea for a novel. They wrote a storyboard, started working on character sketches, and slowly, the story started taking shape. Then one day, they told one of their friends they were in the early stages of writing a book. Their friend was…

  • Want to keep your house clean? Write A Novel!

    Want to keep your house clean? Write A Novel!

    I recently embarked on a rather formidable journey, writing a novel. Having never written anything approaching a novel before, I did what most aspiring authors did, stretched my fingers, opened up Word, and started hammering away at the keyboard. Now, this went alright at first. I put down about 2 pages of writing before I…