Jeff Manning

The rugged man a man of nature until the going gets tough

A Rugged Man

Oh you know me, I’m a man of nature
in plaid shirts and boots, I’m in my element for sure
I can light a fire, pitch a tent in no time
And navigate the wilderness with ease and shine

I’m a rugged man, with a heart full of grit
I fear no animal, no matter how big or fit
Until one day, I heard a loud crack in the brush
And I realized I might have met my match with a rush

My heart pounding, I looked around with great care
And I thought I saw a bear, towering in the air
My fearless spirit faltered, and my courage fled
As I turned and ran, my bravado left for dead

But now I’m back, safe at home with a sigh
The wilderness still calls, but I won’t deny
That sometimes it’s nice, to have a roof overhead
And watch the game in peace, from my comfy bed

For that loud crack? It was just a branch on the ground
My imagination running wild, as I turned around
And while I may not be the outdoorsman I claim to be
At least I’ll always have my couch, and a cold brewski

So here’s to the man of two worlds, you might say
Part outdoorsy and rugged, part homely and gay
I may run at the sound of a bear, no doubt
But I’ll still brave the wilderness, with courage, no backing out!





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