Jeff Manning

The Cats Perspective

A Cats Perspective

It’s morning time and once again I must howl and yell
Till my human gets out of bed, it’s my daily spell
But all I get is a pat on the head, my needs forgotten
Don’t you know it’s been nearly 8 hours, my tummy’s rotten?

I weave and bob between his feet, but he does not see
And then he steps on my tail, blaming me
Human, it’s not my fault that in the dark you can’t see

At last, we’re at the cupboard, and I smell the food
But my hopes are dashed, as he serves the same old kibble mood
I turn up my nose and meow in disgust, communication is a must.

But he’s off to work, leaving me alone
I have a busy day ahead, napping on the throne
I’ll groom myself and maybe drop a hairball for fun

Hours tick by and he finally returns
I greet him with a purr and a gentle nudge, my love confirmed
But my nose catches a scent, is that another cat?
Traitor! I hiss and run down the hall fast

But wait, he tries to bribe me with treats and toys
How dare he think of me so low, oh the noise!
But I can’t stay mad, I forgive and forget
With a purr and a meow, back to him I trot.





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