Jeff Manning

Time is Finite


I have always heard that your most important asset is time.
When you’re a child, though, time is all you have.
So I would run around and play outside and never have a care in the world. 

Then I got older, and everybody told me if you want to get ahead in life you better get a job. 
So I pounded the proverbial pavement until I got a call.
I was a  younger man than with nigh a responsibility. So long days I would work, and with each cent I made a new game or toy was gotten. 

But as my high school years faded away, new mantra was heard 
“Be smart with your money, and save it away to buy a house or for a rainy day.” 
So, firm still with my workplace toil, I stowed money away. 
Gone were the days of spending away, replaced with responsibility and lonely evenings by the TV.

But bright-eyed, I pushed on, the fortune promised by those before me just around the corner.
But days turned to months, months to years, and years to a decade.
The daily grind of “Clock in, Work, Repeat.”

Each week would end, the weekend would come, staying up late, ready to sleep in.
But as the next day rose, a feeling would sink in. This weekend is short, I better jump in. 
So I would rise from my bed early, and the day I would begin. 

To the kitchen, make breakfast Shower, Shit, Shave.
Look around the house and sigh *what a mess*
Dishes, vacuum, dust oh and don’t forget to do laundry, on that’s a must.

Finally, it’s done, and my day has begun. I look at my watch. It’s seven o’clock
I flop on the couch, and my mind races. Write? Read? Work on a new hobby?
That sickly feeling rises up once more I better be productive, for days I only have one more.
My mind buzzes, and I can’t decide what to do yawning once more, I reach for my old friend YouTube. 

A video or two… ok, I’ll watch that one too. Alright, just another and then I’ve got things to do. 
My video ends, and a yawn once more escapes I look at my watch it’s already a quarter past eight.
To the computer I go, determined to make my day right after what seems an eternity, my desktop comes to life.
I open up Word, the cursor blinks with delight when suddenly my phone rings … right, it’s volunteer night. 
A sigh leaves my body I turn off the machine. Haul myself from my chair, it’s time for that old routine. 

After what seems like an eternity, but only takes hours. I’m finally back home my throne awaiting. 
I look at my watch is eleven pm now. I yawn once again and get ready for bed.
Tomorrow, I say to myself as I finally tuck in. This working thing is for the birds my life must begin.







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