Jeff Manning

Ever wanted the evening to stay going and never stop?

The Evening

When the night is full
And the evening is silent
Save the whisper of the wind
As it slithers through the leaves

I close my eyes and breathe deep
An involuntary smile crosses my lips
As a sweet aroma fills my senses
A familiar scent of the one I most cherish

For in this moment, I know my life is complete
And in that moment, I don’t think as deep
For I know in the here, and now I am where I’m meant
In your soft embrace as I plant a kiss upon your head.

A single thought here Permeates my mind
A simple wish that I hope can be mine
That despite its ever-persistent advance
That time stands still and gives me this chance

That this moment may last forever
That between these cool sheets
Our embrace may never end
And that in your eyes, I might be lost forever.






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