Jeff Manning

The lights go out, the spotlights on the crowd is focused on you and all is quite

Stage Fright

The moment comes nearer, your stomach is churning, you are ready to puke, and your mind races for excuses you can’t do it. You can’t remember the last time you’ve been this scared. Why did you agree to this??

You hear your name, and you step out on the stage while you can’t see through the light the crowd is silent. Slowly a sound overtakes you, a steady hammering grows in volume, threatening to overtake your senses until you realize it’s your own heart rate.

Your mouth dries out, a frog in your throat. You clutch the mic and look around one last time.

You close your eyes. You know it’s time. You open your mouth the words flow out you have no idea where they’re coming from, but hey, it doesn’t matter it feels right, and no one is stopping you.

Finally, it comes to an end, the flow stops, and your eyes open suddenly a wall hits you. It’s like nothing you’ve heard before. A sound like thunder hits your senses at first you recoil, it’s finally happening you’re being shut down. But wait, they’re standing now?

What’s this it’s applause; you’ve never heard it before the sides of your mouth curl up in a smile against your will.

It’s at this moment that the dark feeling is gone, and you never want to go back.





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