Jeff Manning

Everyone has procrastinated at least once in their college days


There is no drug quite like it.
It both heightens the senses and brings on urgency
It starts out warm and lulls you into a false sense of security
Before unleashing a wave of terror like none other.

This drug leaves no long-lasting effects beyond being tired
But it is more addictive than heroin or crack.
For once, you’ve felt its icy terror you may swear never again
But as soon as that next assignment hits, you’re hitting it again

Every student has experienced its effects
But it’s clever and prevalent and catches even youth.

This drug can come in many forms and has so many names
Like, holy shit, why’d I wait so long to finish this fucken shit.

So to all of you who’ve had a taste of her and keep coming back for more
I feel you, my sleepy mates who love to procrastinate.





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